Mass Reservation System

Only those practicing Catholics who are in the state of grace may receive Holy Communion. 
If one is receiving the Sacred Host on the tongue:  

When receiving communion on the tongue please do not lean towards the minister. Please stand up straight as possible, after saying “Amen” in response to the minister of the Holy Communion, the communicant should open the mouth wide and fully extend the tongue far enough so that the Sacred host can be placed upon it without danger of falling also for safety precautions. Please note that it is important to extend the tongue, not just open the mouth. Once you have received communion proceed towards the inside middle isle and return to your seat.  

If one is receiving the Sacred Host in the hand, the following is normative:  upon approaching the minister of the Sacred Host, fully extend the hands under the glass in for the minister could reach them. The left hand is extended, with the right hand under the left in support (left handed person may with to place the left hand under the right). In essence, a throne is formed in the sign of an X-cross to receive the Sacred Host.

In Christ, 
Father Bader

4:00pm Saturday Mass Reservation 

7:30am Sunday Mass Reservation 

9:30am Sunday Mass Reservation Immaculate Conception Church Mass at Assumption.  
Please use your church envelopes for proper tracking of the offerings. 

11:30am Sunday Mass Reservation

Sacrament of Pennance/Confession Schedule
Saturday: 3:15 pm to 3:45 pm at
Assumption Church
Sunday after the 9:30 a.m. mass at Assumption Church


St. Vincent Meals at Assumption

St. Vincent Monday night meals will be served at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Berst Hall beginning Monday, September 7th.  They will continue there through October 26th.  November and December meals will be served at New Hope Presbyterian Church, Coal City.  

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the meals will continue to be carry out only.  Currently we are serving approximately 150 meals each week. Funds are needed to purchase food to prepare a hot nutritious meal for anyone in need-free of charge, as well as carryout containers.  We will also be in need of weekly desserts and those can be dropped off on Mondays at the kitchen door.  Thank you for your generosity-past and present.  If you would like to make a monetary donation to help this ministry, contact Sonia Hertog (bookkeeper) and make checks payable to St. Vincent.

Currently there are 5 area churches involved in this ministry, but we would like to add a 6th church.  If you know of any   interested in helping for 2 months at a time, please call Cindi Grove 815-735-1432. Please share our ministry with any and everyone! 

Assumption of the BVM 
180 S Kankakee St Coal City

New Hope Presbyterian 
80 N Garfield St. Coal City 
Please share this article with your friends. Thank you and God Bless.

 If you would like to donate to help this ministry, please click the "Donate Now" button or send a check for St. Vincent Meals to the church office. Funds will be spent on food for the meals and the containers we put them in.  We are also looking for a few more volunteers who are willing to help with preparing the meals these next few months.  Please contact Cindi Grove if you are interested at 815-634-4171.