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Please click the online giving button to make your Tuition Payment $150.00 for 1 Child $250.00 for 2 + Children.   You can also set up monthly recurring payments.  If you have questions regarding e-giving, please call Business Manager Sonia Hertogs at 815-518-5776.  You can also make credit card/check payments at the Parish Office during regular office hours.  There is no fee for Kindergarteners!  Tuition covers the costs of salaries books and utitlities. 2019/2020 Family Faith Formation Registration Forms in PDF (if you are unable to register online, please print all forms fill out and mail/bring to the Parish Center 195 S. Kankakee St).

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The warm summer temperatures are still with us, but the “season” is certainly coming to an end as our young people prepare to return to school and your adult children move on to adventures in life that will be life changing and hopefully fulfilling.

Throughout the summer our Religious Education building has been cleaned, repaired, and made ready for the start of a new year of Catholic education for your children.  Classes begin Sunday, September 15th.  If you have not done so, please register your child or children for Religious Education classes this week by either going on-line at or by stopping in the parish office at Assumption church.  Besides your registration fee I would encourage all in our parish family to do what you can to support the efforts of our Religious Education programs...all that we do for the children of the parish, all our Religious Education programs belongs to the responsibility of every parishioner, because the entire parish [through our Sunday Offering] supports the educational programs available in our religious education and youth ministry programs.  Registration fees do not cover all the expenses so please participate also when our children offer fundraising programs throughout the year to help defray the costs we all have each year.  Last year’s winter cold brought high gas and electric bills for all of us, but they were triple the costs here because of the large facilities we have. 

We are fortunate to have such fine programs of Catholic Education for our children and teens.  Each year we take these programs seriously.  These programs for our young parishioners are grace filled opportunities for EVERYONE to support and fulfill the Gospel command of Jesus to preach the Gospel to all people!

This time of year gives me the opportunity to remind all of you how important a Catholic Education is, and how serious an obligation parents have to provide a Catholic education to their children ~ either in a Catholic school or in our Religious Education Family Faith Formation program.

We’re fortunate to have Deacon William Dunn, Coordinator of our Religious Education program, Tricia DiChristofano, our parish secretary and RE secretary, and all his volunteer Religious Education teachers and assistants.  I too want to welcome Sara and David Wollgast who will once again begin another year as coordinators of our parish youth group. We have a combined program for our teens both from Immaculate Conception Parish and Assumption Parish.  All of these employees and parishioner volunteers are not only dedicated to what we offer your children but too they are fine educators of the Roman Catholic Faith, dedicated to passing on the truths of our Faith to our young people and their parents/families. The programs they run for us are reflective of the good spirit of Christian “family” that exists here at our parishes.

For those going off to local high schools, and off to college or the military or elsewhere...Blessings to you this coming academic year! Always remember, in all the “new adventures” life will bring, the one thing to never lose sight of is the Lord. The most important thing in life is the salvation of your soul. Whatever new

experiences high school and college or other life experiences may bring, make sure a devout and sincere practice of our Catholic Faith is part of your life away from home, especially in your college years. Don’t forget, young and old should remain close to the Lord. Sunday Mass, every Sunday, and a regular confession

will help you grow in holiness and help you to sort things out. A sincere practice of the Faith will help you to discern what really counts in life, and where your priorities should be. Life can quickly become “full.” With so much, it’s easy

to lose your way. With the Lord and His Church at your side you won’t go astray.

Have a great school year. In all things, put on the Lord Jesus and learn the things of Heaven.

God’s Blessings!

Father Noesen




April 19, 2020 12:30pm to 1:30pm First Communion Retreat/Practice in the Church

May 3, 2020 11:15 a.m. First Holy Communion in the Church

Confirmation Retreat & Confirmation TBD Fall 2020

Deacon William Dunn is the Director of Family Faith Program and the RCIA Program.  He can be reached 815-518-5775 or his email address is

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